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Margolis and Violette join Forces for Online Poker


2006 has just started, but there is soon to be another online poker room joining the multitude that exist on the Internet right now.

It was announced recently that Cindy Margolis, the most downloaded woman on the Internet, and professional poker player Cyndy Violette will be joining forces for Cindy Margolis Poker, which can be The site is ready for action now and the joining of the two C’s is, as their public relations director Neil Cirucci puts it, “a poker promoter’s dream!”

Cindy Margolis has been one of the innovators on the Internet since its inception. Recently, through her husband’s involvement with home games, she has also been adding in poker fan to her resume.

“Ever since my husband started playing home games with his buddies, I’ve been hooked on poker, especially No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em,” said Margolis. “Poker is so hot today, plus it’s a great way to make a little extra cash on the side and meet new friends.”

In addition to her new poker site, Margolis is also continuing her hosting duties with Chipleaders and the World Poker Tour’s online poker community.

Cyndy Violette’s career resume is stellar as well. Her website,, is a popular stop for poker information and advise and she continues to play at the highest levels of the game today.

Cyndy captured the Seven Card Stud WSOP bracelet in 2004 and she was in contention for the World Series of Poker’s Player of the Year award with five cashes and three final tables.

She earned almost $700,000 in purses in 2005, so Cyndy will bring a solid playing background to the new site.

The “Dynamic Duo” will be not only promoting the site, but will also be improving Margolis’ game. Violette will serve as a mentor and teacher to Margolis and the improvement of Cindy’s game will be evident for all to see on the site.

Margolis brings her promotional wizardry and persona to aide in promoting the room, so the combination could prove to be a powerful one in the online poker world.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the site. As reported recently here at PokerNews, there is some questions as to the legalities of celebrity endorsement of poker sites. It is one of those “gray areas” that the legal system has yet to address and it could be interesting to see what sites or whom they might go after.

Currently the site has ways for players to win their seat at the WPT Invitational in Los Angeles in February and also a trip to the launch party with Cindy. More is expected, according to Margolis, as the site grows.

To check out the latest poker room around and learn more about what Cindy (Margolis) and Cyndy (Violette) will be doing, visit and get in on the action!