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The Texas Holdem Game takes only few minutes to learn and several years to master. Is it any suprise that losts of people have gone completely nuts about Texas Holdem.

The big difference in a Texas Holdem Game to any other Poker Game is the betting. There is no other poker game that has so many different variations of betting in the same game.

And you probably know that each Texas Holdem Game with a different betting style makes the game totally different. This game differentiates itself from all other games by having five cards out on the board for all the players to use.

Texas Holdem Game starts with automatic bets called Blinds. This is something that no other Poker Game does. Two players forced to bet before they see their cards. We are not talking about an ante but a significant bet.

The player to the left of the theoretical dealer bets half the minimum bet and the player seated two to the left of the dealer bets the minimum bet for the post flop round before they even see their cards. In a Texas Holdem Game there are four betting rounds followed by a showdown.

Unlike some other Poker Games the game of Texas Holdem has the dealer determining the best hand. In other words the cards speak for themselves.

Since there are five community cards it is very possible that two or more players share the pot. Texas Holdem is unlike any other Poker Game.

These are a few reasons why some say it takes a few minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.