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A Texas Holdem Room is a place where you can meet and play against other people who enjoy the Game of Texas Holdem. Today you can find a Texas Holdem Room at almost every land based casino in Las Vegas or at any Indian Casino.

These kind of rooms are known as poker or card rooms. The virtual poker room, where you play online Texas Holdem is called an online poker room. You can enter an online poker room 24 hours a day and seven days a week and 365 days a year.

And you can play in virtual poker rooms against players from all over the world. The online Texas Holdem Room maintains some general elements that are found in land based Poker Rooms:

1- a lobby
2- a waiting list to play
3- a bunch of poker tables
4- a support staff or help section.

1- The lobby is the first place you see when you enter an online poker site. A good lobby will be easy to navigate and it will show you which Poker Games are availible and which tables have room on them.

Some tables are free play and some are for money – this will also be indicated so if you want to play for fun the option is readily available. You can even watch a table or two before you decide to play on it.

2- A waiting list seems like a good idea if you cannot get onto a table you want to play on. Well that is exactly what you have online. As soon as a seat is available you will be notified by the poker site.

3- The online version of a Texas Holdem Room has the selection we all dream about – that is – dozens of tables going at the same time with lots of action to choose from.

4 – The beautiful part about playing online is the hand number references and the support staff that you have available to you 24 hours a day.

Some Online Poker Sites are so fancy they even offer you points and stuff that you accumulate while you play so that you can save those points up and buy a new car.