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A Texas Holdem Tournament is very different when compared to a cash game. You cannot cash out your tournament chips in the middle of a tournament.

In fact the chips in a tournament have no value while the chips in a cash game represent exactly how much money you have on the table.

In a Texas Holdem Tournament you keep playing until you win all the chips in the tournament or lose your chips.

You must play until you have lost your chips or you have won everybody else’s chips. There are basically only a few types of tournaments available:

Single-table tournament – this Texas Holdem Tournament is limited to one table worth of players. The participants number from 2 to 10. If a player is eliminated from a Texas Holdem Tournament nobody takes his or her place and the table gets shorter handed.

The event finishes when one of the players has all the chips at the table.

Multi-table tournament – In this type of event the participants play at more than one table since there are usually more players than can sit comfortably at a table. Actually some of the biggest multi table tournaments have more than 5,000 participants.

Each player starts play at a certain table and as the tournament progresses you will likely get moved to another table as fewer and fewer players remain active.

When the the total number of tables get to one table this is referred to as the Final table.

Buy-in tournament – Each player pays a fixed fee to participate at this tournament and the prize pool is determined by the number of players in this tournament.

Freeroll tournament – you don’t have to pay real money to enter into a freeroll tournament, but you have to have a real money account (usually). If you win the freeroll you will likely receive a prize (cash).

These are a fun ways for a beginner to start because there is no risk of losing any money but a real chance to win some money in return.